From Russia With Scale: Selectel Provides Powerful Cloud Accessibility


Customer benefits are noteworthy: accelerating the timeline of new projects, a significant reduction in infrastructure management costs, and consistent availability/uptime. These are the rewards that Selectel’s customers are reaping, thanks to its scalable, public cloud platform, which is VMware Cloud Verified.

«Our clients refer to their positive experiences of using our cloud powered by VMware,» says Alexander Tugov, product visionary director, Selectel. «VMware Cloud Verified status confirms that Selectel provides a quality service. Our platform is a scalable cloud infrastructure that enables organizations to develop effective applications and launch new services in just a few clicks.»

Selectel was one of the first public cloud providers in Russia, Tugov says. «Initially we provided services to digital businesses — such as web studios, software and games developers, and Internet-based media. Later, our circle of customers grew to include non-tech companies that were setting out on the path to digitalization. As a result, our product line has also expanded.»

That expansion now includes a network of six privately owned data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the region of Leningrad — with more than 1,600 service racks and a capacity of 15 MW. In addition to the public cloud, Selectel offers IT services and solutions for data centers, backup, and colocation.

Tugov says in the past 11 years, Selectel has «helped more than 15,000 international and local businesses put the IT systems and processes in place they need to succeed.»

The ability to scale their IT infrastructures beyond their own data centers without major financial and organizational costs has given companies the confidence to delve further into cloud. Tugov says Selectel is now seeing «demand for the expansion of cloud-based customer infrastructure and the construction of hybrid infrastructures.»

Clients want that scalability, he adds, to economically support their adoption of technologies «such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things — especially the Industrial Internet — as well as augmented and virtual reality.»

To accommodate this growth, Selectel has launched a private cloud solution based on the VMware Cloud platform. In addition, it will soon offer virtual desktop infrastructure services, also steeped in VMware technology, in its Selectel Lab, which offers customers the ability to test new products and services.

Tugov makes clear the importance of partnering with VMware: «This is evidence that we develop world-class cloud services, using all the components of the VMware cloud platform. Easy access to the most cutting-edge technologies means that our clients can solve tasks that are specific to today’s digital business.»

«The recognition of VMware experts means a lot to both our team and our customers,» he concludes.

Learn more about Selectel and its partnership with VMware here.