Tag: network administration

Load Balancing: Basic Algorithms and Methods


Workloads need to be assessed and addressed when a project is first being development. This is the best way to avoid dropped servers and ensuing losses, both reputational and material. Even though we can increase a server’s power and optimize its algorithms and code to accommodate growing loads, sooner or later, these methods just won’t cut it.

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Software-Based Routing with VyOS


A modern business’ stability and efficiency depend largely on the continuous operation of its IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, maintenance and operating expenses can be quite high, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

To cut costs, many companies are now looking to IT outsourcing: instead of purchasing their own equipment, companies rent from a data center and hire professionals to maintain it.
For this to be beneficial from an organizational and financial standpoint, the technical side of things needs to be thoroughly thought out.

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