Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Take care of your users wherever they are and make sure that the static content of your project is delivered faster. The CDN service will help improve your project’s search engine ranking, increase the conversion rate, and reduce the bounce rate on the website.

Select Your CDN Provider

Selectel’s CDN services will help reduce the distance between your product and customers, no matter where in the world they are.
Points of presence
Caching servers
Peering partners

CDN Selectel

5 000+
50+ Tbps

CDN Akamai

330+ points of presence in 130 countries
CDN Akamai
288 000+
50+ Tbps

Speed up the delivery of static content

Online Stores

For a convenient online shopping experience, users want product images and the website to load as quickly as possible. CDN speeds up the website, as it distributes the workload across the servers and ensures uninterrupted delivery of product images and carts even during peak hours. As a result, the customers seamlessly make their purchases and remain loyal.


To ensure that a game becomes increasingly popular and is liked by users, you need to provide instant access to updates and game content. The Content Delivery Network processes user requests faster, which enables gamers around the world to receive content and download updates at a high speed.

Food Delivery Services

With the fast loading of menu photos, users can quickly decide on their orders and immediately understand whether they want a particular dish. The CDN service will contribute to reducing the bounce rate because if your website loads quickly, customers will not want to switch to your competitors.

Online Courses

Students want to see presentations and teaching materials right away, no matter whether they join webinars or watch pre-recorded lectures. CDN ensures the delivery of content and operation of the personal account without delays and allows users to learn as effectively as in online classes.

Website Builders

Studios and agencies are trying to create websites for their customers in builder tools with stable content delivery. This is where CDN comes to the rescue. If something happens to one caching server, website users will receive content from another one nearby and will not notice any disruption to the project.


Readers want to find useful information to stay up to date with the news. The Content Delivery Network increases the speed of the website and affects its rankings in the search results, as the search engines try to prioritize resources that do not keep their users waiting.

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