Cloud Object Storage

We’ll take care of storing your data, whether its archives, logs, documents, photos, or video content — we’ll replicate everything, and scale your storage infrastructure on demand, to satisfy your growing needs.
  • Free outbound traffic inside of Selectel’s network
  • Compatible with OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3 API
  • Accessible via FTP/FTPS/SFTP
  • Near-instant CDN activation
  • Pay-as-you-go payment model
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Selectel’ Cloud object storage will

Ensure fault tolerance — we store all data with three-way replication

We place created copies on different, mutually independent, servers, which are mounted on different racks. If something happens to one of these servers, or even their respective rack, your data will remain secure — neither you nor the users of your data will be affected.

Allow you to configure data access control lists and establish storage rules

You decide who accesses your data and who doesn’t. You can also easily configure storage policies: object storage duration limits, deletion and recovery rules.

Preserve service availability — take a look at our status page to see for yourself

We make sure that you always have the chance to quickly access your data, no matter what its storage class is or how requested it is. Whether during Black Friday or an electrical outage, your services will function flawlessly. Find proof of our services’ consistent uptime on our status page.

Instantly adapt to increasing workloads

Store large amounts of data and forget about disk space. Cloud storage has no limits — it seamlessly scales as much as you need it to.

Your data is safe with us

Price Calculator

Storage class
Storage volume
Outbound traffic
GET, HEAD requests
PUT, POST, COPY requests

Cold storage

For storing rarely-used data ( i.e. reserve copies and archives). The cost of storage is lower, but the cost of requests and traffic is higher.
  • Storage ₽ 1.12
  • Traffic ₽ 0.00
  • GET, HEAD requests ₽ 0.00
  • PUT, POST, COPY requests ₽ 0.00
Total: ₽ 1.12/month

All prices include 20% VAT

The price includes

  • Free outbound traffic inside of the Selectel network.
  • The creation of up to 2000 containers. Create more than 2000 containers by contacting our specialists.
  • The support of your domains and certificates.
  • Three-way data replication for all classes of storage.
  • Raw logs.
  • Free technical support — our specialists are ready to answer all your questions and help you with getting started.

Need CDN?

If you want to increase content delivery speeds , activate Selectel’s CDN service. Traffic between the content delivery network and your cloud storage is completely free.

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Selectel has provided over 20.000 clients with reliable infrastructure, and each one of them has a story to tell.

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Order a service by registering in the Selectel Control panel and topping up your balance in the most convenient way.

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Consultation before ordering

By calling us at 8 800 555 06 75, emailing to, or using Telegram — we will examine the issue and help to find the best solution for your budget and requirements.