Control Panel Updates

We updated our control panel in early September. Many of our users tried the beta-version and provided excellent feedback, which we have given a lot of consideration. We recently introduced new functions, making the panel even easier to use and ergonomic. We also added links to our knowledge base. Let’s take a look at some of these changes.


The main menu is now used exclusively for navigating between services. It can be expanded to show service names and hidden to save screen space.

Account-related sections are now available from the header; Profile and settings, Tickets (Tech support), Referral program, and Balance and payments can now be accessed in just one click.

Balance and Payment

Your balance information is available in a special widget. Now you can top up any balance in just a few clicks and from any page.

And good news for our clients who pay by bank card: you can now link cards to your account and schedule automatic payments.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the Upcoming payments widget. It shows you how much and when service payment are due.

FAQ and Support

Another innovation is our FAQ section. Every page now contains a Frequently Asked Questions section, which contains answers to the most common questions as well as links to more detailed instructions in the knowledge base.

If your question isn’t in the FAQ, you can create a new ticket for tech support from the same window.

Future Plans

We didn’t only update the esthetics of our control panel; the new technical foundation that we’ve built this panel on lets us more quickly develop servers and launch new functions more frequently. That being said, you’ll have even more to look forward to in October.

The new panel is already accessible and we’d appreciate your feedback and suggestions for making the panel even more user-friendly and functional. You can send us your thoughts in our feedback form by clicking the icon.

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