10 Gbps Connections Now 70% Less Expensive

Новые услуги сети

We’ve recently put in a lot of work with our communications providers and peering partners, and as a result, we’ve managed to make huge cuts to our network service costs!

Our dedicated server service cost includes a 100 Mbps Internet connection, which can be increased on request. While the standard for increasing connection speeds used to be 100 rubles per 1 Mbps, we now offer the following packages:

  • 100 Mbps — 7,000 rub./month;
  • 1,000 Mbps — 50,000 rub./month;
  • 10,000 Mbps — 300,000 rub./month.

For clients looking at major traffic volumes, these new packages mean big savings. From a financial point of view, the plans are incredibly practical: for example, if you used to want to increase a connection speed by 1,000 Mbps, you would have to pay 100 rub. x 1,000 Mbps = 100,000 rubles; now it only costs 50,000 rub./month. That’s 50%! And your traffic still has no limits or ratios.

Packages can be ordered for individual servers and accounts (but separately for each data center). These packages are also available for clients renting entire server racks.

Many of our clients already use our local port services, where dedicated and colocated servers are connected via an isolated local network. Previously, this service could only connect servers that were in the same data center, but now, we can connect servers in different data centers and even different cities via a local network.

For our new “inter-data center local port” service, we are offering the following packages:

  • local network between data centers, 100 Mbps — 3,000 rub./month;
  • local network between data centers, 1,000 Mbps — 20,000 rub./month.

This service is great for creating geographically distributed clusters, as well as for making remote backups and quickly migrating services between platforms in different cities.

To more easily manage these new services, a new section has been added to the control panel: Network Services. Here you can find information on additional services:

  • a list of dedicated subnets in each data center;
  • graphs showing an account’s total traffic, divided by city;
  • a list of all network services, their status, and their parameters.

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