Technical support

Explaining the products, how to set them up, and troubleshooting them is something we do well and enjoy doing. We don’t charge our customers for support, as is a regular practice in the IT world; we help everyone equally to the fullest extent. Large, complex tasks are handled as smoothly and quickly as small requests. We work 24/7, and we don’t take breaks on holidays or weekends.

We’re always in touch

Via phone

8 (800) 555-06-75

What we are best at

We know everything about our products

We will help you create a virtual machine or deploy a Kubernetes cluster, tell you how to connect a subnet in the Selectel Cloud platform, or install an OS on a dedicated server. If we have already covered it somewhere in the past, we’ll provide you with a link to our docs or a blog article.

We’ll help you set up your products

We’ll explain how to migrate to the Selectel infrastructure and set up a local network between different products or data centers. We will also guide you in setting up our services.

We help with troubleshooting

If anything goes wrong, we will find the source of the problem and resolve it immediately. For example, when the service loads slowly, stops working steadily, or the server connection is lost.These are our top priorities.

You can also contact us if you need to restart the server or change something in its configuration.

Solving your problem is of utmost importance to us

Even if your request isn’t exactly familiar to us, we’ll pass it on to the relevant employee or talk to them, and will get back to you with an answer ready.

Tech support at Selectel is about real care and assistance

Our doors are always open to our clients
Transparency and honesty are important to us. You can always contact us at if you have suggestions and wishes, or if your issue has not been fully resolved.We carefully review all requests and respond to them.
We’ll figure it all out

We have 2 support lines. The first one will help with simple questions: how to connect something, configure it or create a project.

If the question requires deep immersion, colleagues from the second line come to the rescue.

For example, I can answer all your questions regarding networks.

We’ll always be there for you
Support at Selectel is always very empathetic and caring, even if it’s beyond our duties. We don’t leave a person with an unresolved problem ​​— we always suggest solutions.
On guard of order
Order and control are essential in any case. Don’t worry if something happens to your server or you don’t understand how the network works; we will set it up and fix it for you.

«Work fast» is more than just a phrase to us

<15 minutes will take us to reply to the first request
70% of tickets are solved on the same day.
7000+ requests are processed every month.

Success stories

“This communication and simplicity is one of the fundamental additional criteria for which we value Selectel.”

“You can create a ticket and get a response almost instantly.”

“Responsiveness of technical support is important. From payment to infrastructure issues, everything was resolved in tickets quickly.”

“The Selectel team really quickly and efficiently understands a huge amount of information and tasks.”

"Selectel is the first company in Moscow that understands what quality service is."

Want to join our close-knit team?

We hear you, and we would love to have you, but we’re already on the job. Seriously, though, we will be glad to welcome new talented guys — just send your CVs at


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What is the difference between the first line of support and the second?

How do you process tickets?

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