Cloud-Based Video Surveillance and Video Analytics

Selectel VideoAnalytics
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Monitor your facilities with artificial intelligence, get notifications on important events, and securely store records with the service from Selectel.

Who can benefit from the cloud-based video surveillance service


Learn more about the behavior of visitors and employees with smart video archive, analytics, and reports.

Heads of IT and information security departments

Quickly find the record you are looking for in the video archive and get a notification on your phone if something suspicious is happening at the facility.


Increase video storage space in a few clicks without purchasing and configuring servers.

How cloud-based video surveillance works

Video cameras are connected to the Selectel service

The user can implement this themselves or with the assistance of Selectel partners.

All records from video cameras are stored in the cloud

No one will delete or copy them — everything is securely stored in a Tier III data center.

The service analyzes video in real time and in records

This will help you get useful data to build processes and increase sales.

The user has everything under control

The system sends notifications, generates reports, and organizes smart search in the video archive. All this is provided in a single control panel accessible from any device.

What you can do with the solution from Selectel

Keep everything under control

You can monitor what is going on in the office, at the production facilities, or wherever needed. Selectel VideoAnalytics will help secure your premises from intruders and monitor the presence of employees at their workplace. The service will notify you if something goes wrong.

Earn more

If you know what your customers are interested in, you can base your sales on their preferences. Analytics modules analyze the behavior of visitors and their demographic data and study the traffic in outlets. You will discover the shelves where the customers spend more time, the age and gender of the visitors, and the time when an influx of customers creates long checkout lines.

Forget about server maintenance

You will no longer need to purchase a server for storing video records, find a place for it, or think about its maintenance and protection. With Selectel, all your records are securely stored in the cloud — we take care of the infrastructure so that you can focus on the important tasks.

What video analytics modules from Selectel can do

Monitor checkout lines counter to avoid customers leaving your store in frustration

Recognize faces and monitor premises

Analyze human behavior using artificial intelligence

Study visitors on the premises

Monitor the subjects of video surveillance

Monitor checkouts

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What else you get with the service

Selection of 10 video analytics modules

The modules are provided by our partner AxxonSoft, one of the world’s leading video analytics developers.

Compatibility with 6,000 video camera models

You can upload a video archive to the cloud from almost any camera.*

Secure storage of records

Cloud storage servers for video cameras are hosted in a Tier III data center, and all data is stored in 3 copies.

Single control panel

Manage cameras, archive and reports in one window.

* Чтобы уточнить совместимость устройства, купить, установить или подключить камеру к сервису, напишите нам. Мы проконсультируем и предоставим контакты партнеров по всей России, которые смогут помочь с покупкой и установкой оборудования.

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Видеонаблюдение, хранение видео в течение 1 месяца, умный видеоархив, детектор движения и уведомления на телефон о срабатывании детектора.
₽ 880.00 / мес.
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Базовый + Аналитика

На выбор 1 модуль** видеоаналитики из 10 для разных задач: повышение безопасности, контроль сотрудников, изучение посетителей.
от ₽ 1,350.00 / мес.
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** Доступно 10 модулей видеоаналитики: «Трекер объектов», «Трекер объектов с нейросетевым фильтром», «Нейротрекер», «Распознавание лиц», «Детектор очереди», «Подсчет посетителей», «Аналитика поведения человека», «POS (Контроль касс)», «Демография», «Распознавание номеров».

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