Fault-tolerant IT Infrastructure

The availability of a company’s services affects its competitiveness. If customers cannot access the website or application, the business will suffer inevitable financial and reputational losses. The causes of downtime and outages may be different and range from network attacks to hardware failures. Depending on the types of risks and the importance of the IT service for your business, we will select the best option for backup and recovery considering the value of your IT assets and stored data.

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Совместно с вами определим допустимое время восстановления (Recovery Time Objective, RTO) и потери данных в случае отказа (Recovery Point Objective, RPO), уточним важные аспекты, например, необходимые локации хранения данных. Совокупность требований позволит выявить набор средств, используемых для реализации решения.

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Stages of Building a Fault-Tolerant Solution

1. Risk Assessment

We collect the requirements regarding the availability of the IT service. We investigate the existing IT landscape. We assess the risks.

2. Selecting a Solution

We select an economically feasible solution that meets your business requirements.

3. Implementation

We prepare a plan to build a fault-tolerant infrastructure. We implement the selected solution.

4. Testing

We check the functioning of the implemented solution.

Backup Scenarios

Backup and recovery on a remote site

RTO/RPO: single or double digit hours
Cost: $

Must-have solution for preserving valuable data

The primary infrastructure is configured to create backups that are stored in the backup data center. In the event of an accident, the infrastructure is recovered at the backup site from the saved backups.In this scenario, RTO is proportionate to the amount of data to back up and the complexity of the infrastructure to be recovered.

Why Selectel

For 13 years

we have been building IT infrastructures. We know all the details of architecture development from the hardware level to the service level

40+ solutions

have been developed by Selectel to build fault-tolerant systems

VMware cloud

with geo-distributed availability zones built at in-house data centers

We follow the 3-2-1 rule

to ensure the storage of backups in Selectel

Customer Testimonials

JSC Lengiprotrans is one of the largest Russian companies in transport infrastructure design. When building its hybrid IT infrastructure, the company decided to use a solution based on the Veeam Cloud Connect service at the Selectel site. Another important factor that influenced our choice (in addition to the quality of services) was the proximity to the Selectel Data Center on Tsvetochnaya Street in St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Frenev, Head of IT, JSC Lengiprotrans

Protect Your IT Assets

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