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The perfect combination of cloud services

Deploy sophisticated solutions powered by Selectel, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud. Use the products and technologies that best suit your business processes without the limits of a single platform. Enjoy all the benefits and convenience from working with one provider: Selectel.

Choosing a Cloud Provider?

More and more companies are looking to the cloud as a means of gaining a competitive advantage. However, against the backdrop of constantly changing cloud services, choosing the best solution is never that easy.

Selectel provides expert assistance in building your own multi-cloud environment — from preparing your move to the cloud to delivering turn-key solutions and continued tech support.

Key Business Tasks

Disaster recovery systems

Highly available systems, backups, 24/7 business continuity.

Information security

Full compliance with state and corporate information security regulations.

Continuous integration and deployment

Cutting-edge lifecycle management tools let you achieve lightning-fast speeds for new releases.

Hybrid cloud

A cloud infrastructure combining private and public clouds in a single integrated environment.

Data analysis

Make timely business decisions based on detailed analyses without any capital expenditures.


Smart resource management for optimizing performance under peak and changing workloads.

Our Process

1. Audit

  • Analyze business requirements
  • Analyze the existing architecture and its limitations
  • Develop a statement of work

2. Solution design

  • Develop an application migration strategy
  • Develop the architecture and service specifications
  • Assess different options and choose the most suitable

3. Pilot project

  • Deploy the base infrastructure
  • Implement limited functionality or only a part of the solution
  • Test primary hypotheses

4. Environment planning and preparation

  • Organize a team and outline the project
  • Integrate the network environment
  • Set up data synchronization tools

5. Migration and implementation

  • Migrate data
  • Perform internal and acceptance testing
  • Perform load testing
  • Release the project into production

6. 24/7 support and optimization

  • Monitor and optimize performance
  • Administer the platform under the SLA
  • Administer data protection environment
  • Monitor and optimize expenses

Selectel Advantage

Choice and flexibility

The top features from multiple cloud platforms in one solution.


Highly-qualified professionals ready to implement any project within given timelines.

Experience and reliability

Over 10 years of experience and more than 15,000 loyal clients.

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