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GPU Servers

Accelerated Computing Power

Selectel now offers servers with graphics processing units for optimizing workloads and accelerating resource-intensive processes:

  • Machine learning algorithms (neural networks)
  • Physical process modelling and simulations
  • Financial analysis
  • Video processing
  • Performance modeling
  • Desktop virtualization for 3D modeling
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Weather and atmospheric pressure modeling

A great solution for:

Machine learning

  • Neural network implementation
  • Classifying and forecasting in the cloud
  • Conducting scientific research

Graphic and design processing

  • Graphics rendering with shaders
  • Live video and effects editing
  • Accelerated video rendering
  • High-speed photo processing

Computing solutions

  • Economic and financial computations
  • Parallel data processing for bioinformatics
  • Remote workstations for 3D applications

Sample GPU Server Configurations

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Why Rent a GPU Server?

With GPU servers, you save while still getting the high-performance you need for processing massive amounts of data.

Solutions are ideal for anyone interested in machine learning, audio and video streaming, transcoding, rendering, virtualization, and more.

When you rent from Selectel, you get only the latest equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.