Selectel Workspace

Organize your work with familiar programs in the cloud by choosing Selectel Workspace and renting remote desktops for your team. We will prepare everything for your work, including the creation of workstations and connection of the required set of programs. All you have to do is to enter your credentials to access your workstation from anywhere in the world.

What tasks can you handle with this service?

You are moving to remote work

Your goal is to quickly set up the work of your colleagues from their homes to stay as productive as in the office. By running workstations in the cloud, the team will continue to use its familiar software, work with corporate data, and communicate. All you need is a computer and Internet access.

You have a Mac, but you need Windows software

To participate in electronic trading, you need an electronic signature certificate and software that runs only on Windows. Use a virtual desktop with preinstalled Windows software on a Mac and forget concerns about system compatibility.

You have more people than computers

If your employees work in shifts, there is no need to buy a computer for everyone. You can run multiple virtual desktops on one PC. When an employee ends their shift, they minimize the virtual desktop. A colleague will maximize their virtual desktop on the same computer.

Older PCs slow down your work

A low-performance computer is no longer a problem. You can use it to run a virtual desktop and work with even resource-demanding software without any issues. Since all software is hosted in the cloud, its operation does not depend on the computing power of your PC.

Работать с Selectel Workspace проще, чем скачать приложение

Selectel Workspace — это готовые рабочие места для бухгалтера, диспетчера, аналитика, офис-менеджера и не только. Например, на стандартном рабочем месте офисного сотрудника предустановлены Office MS, Adobe Acrobat Reader, 1С.

Это значит, что вам не нужно самим искать, устанавливать и настраивать ПО. Чтобы подключить услугу, вы просто оставляете заявку и регистрируетесь в Мы связываемся с вами и уточняем число виртуальных рабочих мест с нужным набором программ. Мы развернем их сами — вам нужны только интернет и браузер, чтобы ввести логин и пароль для доступа к своему рабочему месту.

Connection within an hour, one price, and custom software

Work from any device anywhere in the world

Your employees will be able to handle their tasks wherever they are. All they need to do is connect to a desktop in the cloud. It doesn’t matter whether they use a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Connect or disconnect remote virtual desktops within an hour

The number of workstations in the cloud can be easily adjusted. You can disconnect one when someone leaves your team, and you can connect one when you hire a new employee. At the same time, the cloud can easily adjust to the current workload and only charges for resources that are used here and now.

Virtual servers are ideally configured

In our cloud, you can create a virtual machine for any number of workstations. If you are not sure which options to choose, such as a processor or memory size, just contact us. We will ask you about your tasks and recommend a configuration that is ideal for you.

Low-cost licenses with any number of software licenses

It makes no difference to us whether we set up 5 virtual desktops or 150: the price per user is equally low and fixed.

Remote desktop customized to your requirements

If you need additional software that we do not have, we will help you install it and configure access to it for your employees.

Сколько стоит решение

Цена за одного пользователя — от 750 рублей в месяц с НДС. Она складывается из стоимости лицензий ПО и стоимости инфраструктуры, на которой хранятся и обрабатываются данные.

Additional benefits of renting Selectel Workspace include:

Compatibility with 1C: Your system will work without lags.

Secure work with corporate data.

Windows licenses for the price of your lunch.

Management of data access rights.

Looking for a ready-made workspace in the cloud?

Submit a request and we’ll get back to you within the same business day, help you select the server configuration, and create virtual desktops for you and your team.

You can always get a free consultation by calling us on  8 800 555 06 75, sending a message to  Telegram or an e-mail to