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CDN/PoP Node Infrastructure

Establish a point of presence in Russia in one day

When you choose a standard CDN/PoP Node Infrastructure, we’ll set up a communications node in Moscow or St. Petersburg with a direct connection to Internet exchange points, and all within one day.

A great solution for:

Telecom operatorsContent providersCloud service providers

Our solutions is designed for content generators and content providers:

  • Video hosting
  • Cloud communication services with videoconferencing capabilities
  • Security applications (live streams from surveillance cameras)
  • Educational platforms
  • Internet broadcasting platforms
  • Online game hosting

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Our solution includes a complete infrastructure for establishing a point of presence:

  • Hosting on a private cloud or dedicated server
  • Direct connection to IX
  • Communications channel (100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or 10 Gbps)
  • Direct BGP session (when required)

CDN Network

CDN Network


All-in-one solution: Don’t worry about buying and maintaining equipment, organizing IX hosting, or signing any connection contracts.

Save on CapEx and payments to transit and higher-level data carriers.

Optimized network paths give you faster responses for online resources.

Unlimited traffic.

A large selection of configurations in stock. These servers can be deployed within one hour.

Custom servers can be assembled upon request and prepared within two days.