Certified Data Center Segment

Create your own information systems containing confidential information in the Selectel Certified Data Center Segment. Certificate No. 181007/1-AC/K confirms the compliance of the provided infrastructure with information security requirements up to Level 1 (maximum) personal data protection and Class 1 information systems security.


Price per month
Dedicated Custom Servers
Price per month
Calculate in the configurator tool, additional payment for hosting in the certified data center segment
Firewall, VPN gateway
Price per month
From ₽ 12,800
Hosting resources in the certified data center segment
Price per month
₽ 8,000 per 1 unit of hosted equipment (server, firewall, etc.)

All prices include 20% VAT

Host Your Resources in the Certified Data Center Segment

Dedicated Custom Servers

Rent equipment for projects of any complexity in Tier III data centers.

Network Equipment

Set up secure VPN connections to remote locations and mobile users.

VMware-based Private Cloud Resources

Create infrastructure with additional security and isolation measures.

What is included in the service

Hosting in a certified infrastructure

  • Location: Selectel Data Centers Tsvetochnaya 2 in St. Petersburg and Berzarina in Moscow.
  • The option to install custom-configured dedicated servers and network equipment.
  • Restriction and control of access to equipment only for a certain number of Selectel employees.

Secure data protection

  • Dedicated servers and network equipment connected directly to the firewall.
  • Physical isolation of the network from other data center customers and Selectel networks.

Assistance with certification tests

  • We provide the layout of rented servers and maps of controlled zone boundaries, power supply and grounding.

Delimitation of areas of responsibility

We will ensure compliance with the requirements of regulators regarding the location of equipment and physical access control. The customer is responsible for the security of information systems and remote access.


Use a reliable data storage solution

Compliance with the Laws of the Russian Federation

  • Certificate of Conformity to Information Security Requirements No. 181007/1-AC/K.
  • We host personal data information systems (PDIS) up to Level 1 personal data protection and state information systems up to Class 1 security.
  • FSTEC and FSB licenses for providing information security services.

Quick Start

  • No need to wait for equipment delivery. IT infrastructure is based on dedicated Selectel servers available in 3–7 days.
  • Additional protection tools provided for the customer are already in the Selectel Data Center.

Integrated Projects

By using pre-certified infrastructure, you can focus on protecting your information system and implement your project on your own or with contractors.

Transparent Payment Model

  • The monthly fee is charged strictly for selected services and information security tools.
  • The payment amount is fixed, which makes all costs predictable.

Isolated IT Infrastructure and Network

  • You can ensure maximum control over information security by configuring and fully controlling logical access to the system.

On-Demand Scalability

  • IT system security is guaranteed even at peak loads.
  • You can add or remove servers as needed.

Why Selectel?

Servers for Any Task

Create a server configuration for your project requirements. The equipment will be hosted in the certified segment under an agreed scheme.

Your Own Secure Perimeter

Take advantage of all the benefits of IaaS in a Selectel Data Center network perimeter controlled by you.

24/7 Monitoring

Selectel specialists ensure physical safety and check cooling and power supply systems 24/7.

What customers usually order with this service

Private cloud powered by VMware

Ensure additional isolation and security measures compared to the public cloud.

Protection against DDoS Attacks

Protect your business from DDoS attacks of any intensity.

WAF Tools

Minimize security risks and protect your web applications with traffic filtering tools.

Host your systems in a Certified Data Center Segment

If you want to learn more about hosting options in the Certified Data Center Segment, fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss the details.

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