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Dedicated Servers Configurator

Reliable servers for any project

Rent bare-metal servers for any project in Tier III data centers. All servers are provided with a LAN and internet connection, uninterruptible power supply, regulated microclimate, and regular maintenance. Take full control of your resources and install whatever software you need.

Server’s configurator

Using the Configurator

  • PCIE cards and hard disks: Use the plus button to add additional modules to your configuration
  • Empty basket: A placeholder so disks can be added later without changing platforms
  • Hard disks: Choose any combination of disk types: SATA, SSD, NVMe
  • Processors: Various models allow two units be installed instead of just one
  • RAM: To maximize performance, we recommend that the number of modules to install is divisible by the number of channels available
  • Questions? Contact us by telephone or live chat

Discounts available when paying for multiple months in advance

Choose the most appropriate server components: CPU, RAM, HDD, SSD, NVMe SSD, and PCIE cards. Prices are automatically calculated factoring in progressive discounts: the longer you rent, the bigger the discount.

3%for at least 3 months

7%for at least 6 months

15%for at least 1 year

Offer valid for fixed and custom configurations. If a service is terminated early, refunds for fully unused months shall be issued at the price paid for the relevant service.

You may be interested in a fixed configuration

Our fixed configurations meet the most common server requirements.

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All prices include 20% VAT