Dedicated Servers Configurator

Select the right processor, memory, and disks to create your ideal server. Rent it for 1 month or more and get full control over resources. We will host the server in a Tier III data center and connect it to the local network and the Internet, monitor the uninterrupted power supply, and ensure the required temperature.

How to rent a server

Assemble the required configuration

Register on

Wait while it is being prepared (1–5 days)

Start using

What is included in the service

KVM console for remote control

1 shared public IP address

Unlimited traffic at 100 Mbps or 30 TB at a speed of 1 Gbps

Select the components for your future server

Specify the server's required parameters. Our configurator will check their compatibility and determine the final cost. Your server will be ready in 1–5 days. In case of any problems, please contact our managers.

The price can be even lower

Couldn’t find a server within your budget? We can help, as Selectel has more than 50 ready-made configurations, and there are 1,000 components in our warehouse to assemble something special. Contact us at, via Telegram or call us on 8 800 555 06 75 and tell us about your task and how much you are ready to spend on the equipment. We will immediately select the ideal server at a good price.

Pay in advance and get a discount

3% for 3+ month
7% for 6+ month
15% for 1+ years

Our data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region


2,400 m²

total area of server rooms


racks in the project

6,5 МW

rated power available

We can help you implement major projects

Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you within the same business day. We can select, and order the right equipment for your needs.

You can always get a free consultation by calling us on  8 800 555 06 75, sending a message to  Telegram or an e-mail to


What operating systems are available for the servers?

Can I upload my own OS?

Do you use an electronic document flow (EDF) system?

What is MC-LAG?

What is VRRP?