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Dedicated Servers

Reliable servers for any project

Dedicated servers are ideal for hosting I/O intensive projects, running high-performance applications, and storing sensitive data. All of our bare metal servers are single-tenant solutions built on enterprise-class hardware, ensuring the secure and reliable storage of your data and applications. These servers deliver the perfect balance of raw performance, reliability and cost.

Dedicated servers for any size business

In Tier III data centers

by Selectel

Ideal solutions for microbusinesses

from ₽480/month

  • Intel Core processor
  • Up to 4x cores
  • 64 GB RAM max.
  • OS autoinstall
  • Recovery mode
  • 24/7 tech support
  • KVM console
  • Local network
  • Network redundancy
  • Additional IPs
  • Administration
  • Personal manager

Solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

Most popular offer

from ₽6,500/month

  • Intel Xeon E3 processor
  • Up to 4x cores
  • 64 GB RAM max.
  • OS autoinstall
  • Recovery mode
  • 24/7 tech support
  • KVM console
  • Local network
  • Network redundancy (optional)
  • Additional IPs (optional)
  • Administration (optional)
  • Personal manager

Enterprise-class solutions

from ₽12,000/month

  • Intel Xeon E5 processor
  • Up to 24x cores
  • 512 GB RAM max.
  • OS autoinstall
  • Recovery mode
  • 24/7 tech support
  • KVM console
  • Local network
  • Network redundancy (optional)
  • Additional IPs (optional)
  • Administration (optional)
  • Personal manager

All prices include 18% VAT

Hosting Conditions

Various configurations

A large selection of configurations in stock. These servers can be deployed within one hour.

Custom servers

Servers can be assembled upon request and prepared within two days.


Multiple locations interconnected over a local network.


Create reliable distributed clusters that can be connected via VRRP.

Competitive prices

Servers available from /month. No hidden limits or fees. Payment includes IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Discounts are available for making advanced payments.

Additional services

Maximize service availability and capacity with monitoring, software leasing, Anti DDoS, and more.

Traffic plan

Choose the traffic plan that’s best for you.

Traffic limits
Add-on options
Speed100 Mbps
Traffic limitsNone
Add-on optionsPaid increased bandwidth
Speed1 Gbps
Traffic limits30 TB per month *
Add-on options350 rubles for each additional TB

* — Your traffic count is reset on the first of every month. If you change your traffic plan in the middle or towards the end of the month, then the “full” 30 TB will be available until the start of the following calendar month.

Traffic plans can only be changed once every 30 days. For example, if you change your traffic plan on March 21, then you will only be able to change it back on April 21.

Webinar FM had particular channel requirements and specific traffic demands: loads at 8:30 PM can be 20-30 times higher than the usual daytime loads. The service is often used by organizations with distributed office systems, which is why signal latency is critical. Since around 70% of the service’s users are from Moscow and St. Petersburg, they needed servers in the European part of Russia—ideally in Moscow.

Yan Vladimirov / Founder, Webinar FM

RAEC brings together over 130 players on the electronic communications market. They host many well-known events, such as i-COMference, the Runet Blog Award ceremony, the Runet Awards ceremony, the Russian Internet Forum + Internet and Business Conference, the St. Petersburg Internet Conference, the Internet Business Conference (IBC Russia), and Russian Interactive Week (RIW) and all of these projects are hosted on Selectel servers.

Maxim Borzov / CTO, RAEC

The most important thing we get is peace of mind. If there’s an electrical problem, they have backups; connection problems, there are backups. If something urgent pops up on our servers, their high-quality tech support resolves it. This is why we use and recommend Selectel to our clients: with you, everything is going to work quickly and reliably, and it always will.

Pavel Pushkarev / Manager, Site Manager

At that time, you were the only big-name company with a sensible offer where we could start that same day. Virtual disks write slower than physical ones, which is why we still rent dedicated servers from Selectel, and these can still be connected to virtual machines in one infrastructure.

Alexey Vakhov / CTO, Uchi.ru

We built over 50% of our infrastructure on one provider. If we need to, we can launch platforms for developers in the cloud, upload backups to storage, and use dedicated servers for hosting volatile environments.

Dmitry Sobol / Director of System Administration, AGIMA

DonorSearch is the first Russian project that applies modern IT approaches to the donor movement. A site, mobile apps, and databases—the load on our platform grows every day. And the nature of our work requires us to be online at all times. Selectel gives us a reliable infrastructure, and with it, confidence that we can bring our ideas to life.

Ruslan Shekurov / Founder and CEO, DonorSearch

We looked for reliable servers in Russia, and they told us that in Russia, Selectel was the best. We’ve been working together for three years now. We’ve never had any problems with availability. We want to use a high-quality product so that we can offer a high-quality product.

Dmitry Udimov / CEO, Topvisor

The resource is visited by over 50 thousand users a day. We were looking for something like a Russian Amazon. Selectel is one of the largest and most well-known providers in Russia. We were mainly drawn by the fact that Selectel has its own data centers and a wide variety of services and equipment. We now rent a few servers, and we can add that another advantage is the high-quality tech support; they’re quick to respond and professional.

Alex von Rosen / CTO, Mastercity.ru

More serious customers started to appear with full-fledged designs and testing, and we needed a server environment specialist, total monitoring, etc. To a large extent, we made our decision for Selectel servers based on power—the only place we’ve seen servers with that much power and so many configuration so far is here. And, of course, it’s convenient that the cloud and dedicated servers are on one network.

Evgeniy Garbar / CTO, FACT

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