Private Cages and Suites

Autonomous area with individual security arrangements, including custom-designed blind perimeter partitions, individual video surveillance line, alarm system and standalone cabling.

For industries with higher security requirements


Financial companies

Government customers

How we create an individual design project for a customer

Getting the terms of reference

We agree on the basic requirements for data hosting, space security, power supply to cabinets, and structured cabling systems.

Calculating the cost of renting dedicated space

We determine the final price for the service after reaching an agreement on the terms of reference.

Signing the contract

We set down the rights and obligations of the customer and the contractor in writing.

Arranging an area in the server room

We follow the requirements of the customer and build the designed dedicated space.

Benefits of Renting a Server Room in Selectel

Effective Resource Allocation

No need to invest in your own data center, favorable rental terms. Secure and Tier III-compliant data centers.

Individual Design

Creating a cabling network in accordance with the individual design. We determine the final price based on the customer’s requirements.

Remote Video Surveillance

We allow you to monitor your dedicated servers 24/7 using the access control system with five video surveillance angles and SMS alerts.

Remote Maintenance of Equipment

Data center engineers will inspect the equipment and perform diagnostics using their own resources, replace components and take inventory.

Learn more about the Remote Hands service and additional work

Reliable Data Storage in Server Cabinets

Automatic transfer to the backup power supply during emergencies and power interruptions. 24/7 security.

Need personalized security measures?

Fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you within a business day. We’ll create a self-contained area for your equipment.

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What is the cost of the service?

How do I monitor my servers?

What happens to my servers if there is a power outage in the area or in the city?