Hosting Equipment in Selectel Data Centers

Rent space for your servers in Tier III data centers and we will provide you with the best environment, including a stable communication channel, power supply, microclimate, cooling and timely technical support.

A Top 3

player in the colocation segment* (by iKS-Consulting ranking)

4 of our 6 in-house data centers

provide equipment hosting services

More than 1000

customers benefit from colocation in Selectel

St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region

Tier III Data Centers

«Tsvetochnaya 1»

679 m²

total area of server rooms


racks in the project

1,6 МW

rated power available

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Why use colocation in Selectel data centers

Stable Internet Traffic

Select the best traffic consumption model: unlimited at 100 Mbps or 30 TB per month at 1 Gbps.

Access to any communication service provider

25 communication service providers are already represented in the data center, or you can connect to a third-party provider with our Fiber Optic Line service.

Free Remote Support

We closely monitor the equipment hosted in the data center, including the installation, inspection and diagnostics, configuration, and replacement of components.

Service Area for Your Technicians

We have equipped special areas for technicians in the data center where they can comfortably work with equipment or simply relax.

Taxis for Servers

When you decide to host your server with us, we will pick you up by taxi along with your equipment, take you to the data center, and then bring you back to anywhere within the city.

Intuitive Control Panel

Simple server management, one-stop payment and connection of additional services.

Monitoring of Equipment

The premises of the data center are covered by an access control system (ACS). Each room has several CCTV cameras ensuring 24/7 monitoring of the servers.

Redundant Systems

We ensure the redundancy of power supply and air conditioning systems. Any failure triggers the backup systems to ensure the normal operation of your company.


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