Kubernetes in the cloud powered by VMware

Simplify the deployment, scaling and maintenance of containerized infrastructure. Create a cluster with the required number of nodes, change it as needed and distribute the load of applications.
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  • Pay only for virtual machine resources
  • Easy management in the Cloud Director® panel
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When this service will simplify your work

It is important for you to scale quickly

Expand your cluster as much as needed during an expected inflow of users or a sudden surge in demand. When the workload returns to normal, you can easily reduce the number of nodes and lower the cost of infrastructure.

You develop CI/CD processes

You regularly come up with new features in products and update those that already exist in order to make your products even more valuable. Kubernetes can help you create the infrastructure for CI/CD processes in a couple of minutes.

You have a microservice architecture

By hosting application services in separate containers, you can independently deploy, update, and, therefore, roll them out to production one by one. Difficulties encountered in one application service will not affect the other.

What is Kubernetes?

The service runs on top of the Cloud powered by VMware. It allows you to deploy fully functional Kubernetes clusters as standalone vApps and simplifies their configuration process. Kubernetes combines cloud objects, such as virtual servers, disks, load balancers, and network settings into a ready-to-go cluster.

All you need is to connect the Kubernetes management plugin to a deployed virtual data center and control it through the vCloud Director® panel or API.

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Why this service is easy to use

Just a couple of clicks before the start

Create Kubernetes clusters by specifying characteristics and the required number of nodes.

Easy to control

Manage cluster health and size based on project workload directly from your vCloud Director® control panel.

Close monitoring

If any node fails, the service will automatically detect and replace it with a working one without your intervention.

Smart load balancing

You can run a load balancer in the cluster to distribute the workload across multiple nodes.

How much it costs

You only pay for the consumed resources of virtual machines, such as cores, memory, disks, and load balancer. The features of Kubernetes are provided free of charge.

Select Kubernetes in the Cloud powered by VMware at Selectel

We have 6 data centers

Host your clusters in Moscow or St. Petersburg. The nearer the data center is to your users, the lower the network latency.

No risk of downtime

Spread your clusters across multiple locations to improve fault-tolerance. If a cluster in one location stops running, it will start in another.

Protection in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ

Process personal data with Level 3 and Level 4 protection.

Managing your infrastructure can be easy

Leave a request, and we will contact you within the same business day to tell you more about the service and the terms of the free trial or calculate the cost of infrastructure for your task.

You can always get a free consultation by calling us on  8 800 555 06 75, sending a message to  Telegram or an e-mail to