Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for VMware

Establish a reliable infrastructure and reduce the risk of service downtime. You can quickly and easily configure a solution to ensure fault tolerance and disaster recovery.
  • RPO is close to zero
  • Cloud site reservation
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In Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Build your fault-tolerant VMware solution together with Selectel. Disaster-resilient clusters have been deployed in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Each region has two geographically distributed Tier III data centers.

Select your Disaster Recovery (DR) solution

On-premise recovery of your VMware infrastructure

The recovery site for your VMware infrastructure will be set up using vCloud® Availability (vCAv), which replicates your data to the Selectel cloud and recovers the infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

RPO*: from 5 min

Recovery from two Selectel data centers in the same region

When building a cloud in Selectel, you can select a fault-tolerant VMware Stretched vSAN™ cluster. This solution will automatically replicate your data storage to two data centers and run virtual machines on the recovery site.

RPO*: close to zero

Recovery from Selectel regions

Fault-tolerant infrastructure deployed across multiple geographic regions will be powered by vCloud® Availability (vCAv).

RPO*: from 5 min
* RPO — Recovery Point Objective

On-premise recovery of your VMware infrastructure

Features of vCloud® Availability

This service enables the disaster recovery of your virtual machines to the Selectel cloud. With vCloud® Availability, you can configure the parameters of replication and recovery for each virtual machine. If the primary site goes offline, the virtual machines will failover to Selectel.

Benefits of vCAv


Configure fault tolerance for individual virtual machines and vApps.


Ensure continuous data replication to the Selectel site without interrupting your services.


Protect and compress your replication traffic with TLS.


The use of TCP port 443 eliminates the need for additional configuration.

vCloud Availability calculator (on-premises)

Specify the total amount of resources for all virtual machines
Virtual Machines, un
vCPU, un
up to 150 IOPS
Fast vHDD, GB
up to 2 000 IOPS
up to 5 000 IOPS
Fast vSSD, GB
up to 25 000 IOPS
Ultra vSSD, GB
up to 40 000 IOPS
downtime of infrastructure in year
Total: ₽ 28,676.38

All prices include 20% VAT

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Recovery using two Selectel data centers in the same region

Features of VMware Stretched vSAN™

The disaster-tolerant cluster is a fully redundant hardware and software system. The primary and standby systems are deployed in different data centers connected by high-speed fiber optic lines. If your services are not available on the primary site, they will be automatically run on the recovery site.

Service Benefits


No need for configuration—just select a disaster-tolerant cluster when creating your VMware resources.


Minimal RPO, close to zero.


Fault-tolerant clusters are available in two regions.


Automatic launch of virtual machines on the recovery site.

Stretched vSAN calculator

vDC — Virtual Data Center
Price per
Storage type
Gold DR
vCPU, un.
Fast vSSD, GB
₽ 8,801.01 /
Additional Services
Total: ₽ 640.13 /

All prices include 20% VAT

Why Selectel

Compliance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ

The VMware Cloud from Selectel meets the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ «On Personal Data.»

24/7/365 Technical Support

Our technical support specialists are available 24/7. They will answer your questions and assist with configuration.

VMware Cloud Verified

Selectel is an authorized VMware partner with the VMware Cloud Verified status, which guarantees that the Selectel solution meets the high standards of VMware cloud architecture.

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