Cloud powered by VMware

VMware-based infrastructure for business-critical services and tasks of any complexity. Instant disaster recovery. Monitor and manage your computing resources via the vCloud Director® or vCenter® console. Transfer workloads, expand the capabilities of your VMware environments with Selectel Cloud, and reserve capacities at sites in Russia. Award

Winner of the Award

Cloud powered by VMware won the national award in 2019 in the Cloud of the Year category.

VMware-validated expertise

VMware® Cloud™ Verified

Ensures that the infrastructure meets VMware requirements.

VMware® Principal Partner

Confirms authorized provider status.

Build VMware-based infrastructure now

Selectel guarantees convenience and speed

Easy launch and familiar environment

All you need is register, top up your account, and create a virtual infrastructure in the Selectel control panel.

Infrastructure management is carried out using familiar VMware interfaces.

Full-featured VMware environment

We use advanced solutions from VMware, virtualization market leader: vSphere, vCloud® Director, vSAN™, NSX®, vCloud® Availability.

Multiple sites in the Russian Federation

Select a convenient location in Moscow or St. Petersburg to ensure high service availability and reduce network latency.

Always online

The Service Desk will help you with infrastructure management and answer any questions.

Our clients about us

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