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Cloud powered by VMware

A public cloud built on VMware technology with pay-as-you-go billing

Cloud powered by VMware lets you quickly fine tune the power of your data center without any capital or organizational expenses, and instead implements a pay-as-you-go billing model for used resources. We provide a fully-functioning cloud built on VMware technology: vDC and access to NSX advanced settings.

Application Scenarios

  • Expanding your data center to the cloud
  • Moving application production environments to the cloud
  • Data center level disaster recovery as a service
  • Quickly launching applications for development and testing

Disaster-Proof Infrastructure

We offer a ready-to-go disaster-proof infrastructure built on VMware Stretched vSAN technology. The solution is based out of our data centers in St. Petersburg (Tsvetochnaya 2) and Leningrad Oblast (Dubrovka 3).

Additional Services

Dedicated channels

Connect to corporate networks over a dedicated channel or VPN. Dedicated channels are the most reliable and fastest way to connect your company’s resources to the cloud.

Anti DDoS

Competitors and hackers can complicate access to sites or cloud servers by sending a series of false service requests. Our Anti DDoS service puts this problem to rest so you can continue working. Filter settings are tailored to your particular project.

Veeam backups

Use the industry standard for VMware redundancy — Veeam Backup and Replication. Protect your servers, hosts, and virtual machines, as well as create backup policies and disaster recovery plans right from the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager console. This service can only be activated by tech support.

The Selectel Advantage


The peak of technology
The latest high-end servers and communication equipment: Intel Gold processors, Intel NVME disks.

VMware Partner

Selectel is an authorized Enterprise Service Provider VMware partner. This ensures peak infrastructure performance for our clients.

Resource Costs

Dynamically allocate resources and pay by the hour.

Monthly cost, one data center
Monthly cost, two data centers (disaster recovery)

Service costs include 3 TB of traffic, with additional traffic available at ₽0.51 per GB. Monthly costs are approximate and include 18% VAT.

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Additional Services


Price per hour
Price per month

All prices include 18% VAT


Price per hour
Price per month

All prices include 18% VAT

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Price Calculator

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Create a Virtual Data Center

Register in our control panel and connect to the cloud in just a few clicks. A Selectel account is required for creating VMware Cloud virtual servers.