Cloud Object Storage

We’ll take care of storing your data, whether its archives, logs, documents, photos, or video content — we’ll replicate everything, and scale your storage infrastructure on demand, to satisfy your growing needs.
  • Free outbound traffic inside of Selectel’s network
  • Compatible with OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3 API
  • Accessible via FTP/FTPS/SFTP
  • Near-instant CDN activation
  • Pay-as-you-go payment model
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Tasks to Solve

Hosting and distributing static website content (images, videos, JS and CSS files).

Storing archives, backups and video surveillance recordings.

Hosting and distributing mobile and web application content (pictures, image files, software updates).

Storing source files for video editing and rendering.

Price Calculator

Storage class
Storage volume
Outbound traffic
GET, HEAD requests ?
PUT, POST, COPY requests ?

Standard storage

For storing and distributing frequently used data. The cost of requests and traffic is lower, but the cost of storage is higher.
  • Storage ₽ 1,360.06
  • Traffic ₽ 0.00
  • GET, HEAD requests ₽ 0.00
  • PUT, POST, COPY requests ₽ 0.00
Total: ₽ 1,360.06/month

All prices include 20% VAT

Service Costs

up to 1 TB
from 1 to 10 TB
from 10 to 100 TB
over 100 TB

Standard Storage

up to 1 TB
₽ 1.43/GB
from 1 to 10 TB
₽ 1.33/GB
from 10 to 100 TB
₽ 1.23/GB
over 100 TB
₽ 1.01/GB

Cold Storage

up to 1 TB
₽ 0.70/GB
from 1 to 10 TB
₽ 0.70/GB
from 10 to 100 TB
₽ 0.70/GB
over 100 TB
₽ 0.70/GB

All prices include 20% VAT

Areas of Application

Areas of Application

Host static content for your e-commerce projects using an intuitive control panel or a simple API. This content will be available under any load with no restrictions on how fast it can be distributed.

  • Reduce network latency when loading frequently requested static content with a built-in CDN service.
  • Keep your site running reliably and secure your data with an individual or shared SSL certificate.
  • Deploy static web pages using cloud storage, bind your own domain to the container, and configure the index page, 404 error page and listing.

Backup Data Storage

Use cloud storage to host large amounts of data, such as backups, logs, documentation archives, or video surveillance recordings. Store transaction histories and electronic document flows. Configure automatic backups with popular utilities such as Cyberduck, Rclone, Duplicity, or AWS CLI or use any other OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3-compatible APIs.

  • Use private containers to access data using a login and password. Create systems with different levels of user access.
  • Become more agile in configuring your storage policies (automatic deletion, versioning, download links).
  • Set limits on the total amount of information and storage time of objects.

Online Game Developer

Speed up the distribution of game updates. Configure your storage using REST API.

  • Object storage with support for the S3 API enables you to use an incredible number of Amazon S3-compatible tools, including plugins, extensions, utilities and libraries. You can also use the OpenStack Swift API.
  • CDN — Connect a content delivery network for efficient distribution of updates and other static content to users of your applications around the world.

Ready to Start Using

Benefits of Object Storage


No extra costs

Pay-as-you-go prices. Storage: from ₽0,7/ GB per month. Free traffic between cloud storage and other Selectel services.


Highly Reliable Storage

3x daily data backups. Suitable for heavily loaded systems. Storage servers are hosted in a Tier III data center. 100% uptime SLA.



No restriction on data volume growth. Rapid access to content is maintained even at peak loads. Unlimited storage.



Connect your own or a third-party application via OpenStack Swift or an S3-compatible API; access using an FTP protocol or through the control panel.


Multiple storage classes

Easily manage your costs by using cold storage for rarely requested data or standard storage for high-load services.


Built-in CDN service

Quickly connect CDN at an affordable pay-as-you-go price. Use your own SSL-certified subdomain to create a reliable and secure architecture.