Selectel Serverless

Create and manage applications with Selectel Serverless Functions while we take care of the infrastructure.

Areas of Application

Computing on static sites

Backend for mobile and web apps

Ensuring website availability

ETL processes for data transformation and loading

Internet of Things

Chatbot architecture

How it works


Code is uploaded to


A container with code is created


The function call trigger is activated


The function is terminated and the container is shut down


The function is restarted (if necessary)

Flexible Options for Product Development

Universal code

No need to adapt the code — just load and test it as-is.


Take full advantage of the technology, including pay-per-use pricing, automatic scaling, and trigger-based function launches (http request, calls from another function, changes in the database or storage).

Simple Operation

Manually execute functions from the control panel for quick configuration. Compatible with Python code.


Analyze statistics and view the status and function log to identify and correct errors.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of the Service

No need to administer servers

Hardware-agnostic infrastructure. No need for you to install, maintain or administer software.

Automatic Scaling

Infrastructure is deployed for each function call, with no limits on the number of running instances. Handles unpredictable loads.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Save money by paying only for running functions.

Development Flexibility

Accelerate time-to-market by building systems from small independent function blocks for each microtask.

Reliability of OpenWhisk

Use the Apache OpenWhisk open-source platform.

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