Databases you don’t need to worry about

Focus on developing your application, and leave it to us to create and administer your databases. We’ll ensure their reliability, as well as take care of configuration, backup, and infrastructure support.
  • PostgreSQL 11, 12 and for 1C
  • MySQL™ 5.7 и 8
  • Scaling
  • Automatic backups
  • Failover
Create a database cluster

Запустите свою базу данных в облаке


Самая популярная база данных для любого приложения.



Универсальная база данных для сложных процессов и вычислений.


PostgreSQL для 1С

Открытая база данных для работы 1С: Предприятия.



Система управления базами данных класса NoSQL. На время беты — бесплатно.



База данных с открытым исходным кодом для хранения временных рядов.


Working With Databases Can Be Easier

Launch In Just A Few Clicks

You can easily deploy a MySQL™ and PostgreSQL database using the control panel. Select the desired configuration, add replicas, and your cluster is ready to use.

Data Backup And Recovery

Ensure business continuity and retain your data. This service automatically performs backup, minimizing the risks associated with human errors or software failures. Database cluster data is quickly copied, securely stored, and restored with granularity up to a second (Point-in-time recovery).

Automatic Failover

Ensure your data is always accessible through cluster replication. In case of failure of a separate server, the cluster automatically fails over to the backup server. During this period, the failed server is redeployed. This function will allow you to avoid negative consequences in the application since the changes will be simply invisible to you and your users.

Fast Scaling

When the load on the database grows or is expected to grow, you can quickly change the configuration of the database cluster and the number of replicas. Cloud-based databases allow you to scale high-availability clusters on the go with zero downtime.

High performance

Running your databases on powerful server hardware and local NVMe SSD disks ensures high performance.

How do I create a database cluster?

Flexible virtual machine configurations for a database cluster

Create your own configuration of the database cluster servers for the required workload.
Price per hour
Price per month
DBaaS vCPU, Cores
Price per hour
₽ 0.897
Price per month
₽ 654.94
Price per hour
₽ 0.326
Price per month
₽ 238.17
DBaaS Local disk, GB
Price per hour
₽ 0.015
Price per month
₽ 11.18
DBaaS Backups, GB
Price per hour
₽ 0.003
Price per month
₽ 2.29

All prices include 20% VAT

Who is the target audience?


Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, free up engineers for more important tasks, and shorten the time to market (TTM).

IT companies

Focus on improving your services: deploy databases quickly, instantly scale up and down, and test products before launching them in the production environment.


Speed up the development of services: ensure high performance based on flexible configuration,  conveniently manage database clusters using API and Selectel panel.

Не знаете, как перевезти свои сервисы в Selectel?

Мы поможем — оценим проект, сформируем требования и осуществим перенос бесплатно.

In addition, cloud databases provide the following benefits:

All projects in a single control panel for convenient and flexible cluster management.

Reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs.

High availability and security.

Documentation in Russian and 24/7 technical support.