Managed Databases

Focus on developing your application, and leave it to us to create and administer your databases. We’ll ensure their reliability, as well as take care of configuration, backup, and infrastructure support.
  • Quick deployment
  • Easy to scale
  • Create backups automatically

Deploy your database in the cloud


Universal database for complex processes and calculations.


PostgreSQL for 1C

Open database for work 1C: Enterprises.


MySQL™ sync

Stable, scalable and highly available database with synchronous replication.


MySQL™ semi-sync

The most popular database with classic semi-synchronous replication.



NoSQL in-memory database management system. It can work as a database and queuing system.



An open source database for storing time series.


Benefits of Managed Databases

Deploy in a few clicks

Our most important settings have been moved to the Control panel, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Automatic backup

Point-in-time recovery (PITR) provides automatic backups of your data.

Fast scaling with zero downtime

Just change the number of replicas and configuration when the load increases.

Cluster continuous replication

If an accident occurs, the server will automatically switch to the backup server. And the failed one will be recreated.

Powerful hardware for high performance

Powered by cloud platform computing resources with Intel® Xeon® Scalable and AMD EPYC™ processors.

Part of a whole ecosystem of services

Selectel has more than 43 products. Deploy Kubernetes clusters, connect object storage and CDN, ensure connectivity using global router ​​— this is just a small part of what we can do.

Selectel is responsible for the infrastructure


  • Ensures accessibility
  • Independently installs and configures the databases
  • Ensures the reliability and fault tolerance of the cluster
  • Creates backups
  • Prevents data leakage and provides technical support


  • Monitors the database connection for errors
  • Sets up data schemas
  • Initiates scaling

Flexible virtual machine configurations for a database cluster

Create your own configuration of the database cluster servers for the required workload.
Price update...
Price per hour
Price per month
DBaaS vCPU, Cores
Price per hour
₽ 1.00
Price per month
₽ 733.45
DBaaS Local disk, GB
Price per hour
₽ 0.02
Price per month
₽ 17.33
Price per hour
₽ 0.43
Price per month
₽ 311.00
DBaaS vCPU, HighFreq, Cores
Price per hour
₽ 1.79
Price per month
₽ 1,310.00
DBaaS RAM, HighFreq, GB
Price per hour
₽ 0.48
Price per month
₽ 353.00
DBaaS Local disk, HighFreq, GB
Price per hour
₽ 0.04
Price per month
₽ 31.00
DBaaS Floating IP
Price per hour
₽ 0.49
Price per month
₽ 357.41

All prices include 20% VAT

How do I create a database cluster?

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