Creating a ready-to-run Kubernetes cluster in several clicks

Focus on your product, while we take care of managing your Kubernetes clusters. Managed Kubernetes is a truly automated service that simplifies the creation and maintenance of clusters into a process that will run smoothly with no intervention on your part.
  • Autoscaling
  • Autohealing
  • Maintenance window
  • Automated patch updates
Create cluster

Simple management for sophisticated tasks

Scalable applications

Accelerate the testing and implementation of even the most complex applications.

Microservice-based applications

Launch containers with microservices in Selectel infrastructure.

Test environments

Quickly deploy infrastructure for the core components of your development and testing process.

We manage your Kubernetes — you take care of your product

Truly manageable

There’s no need to worry about master nodes — Selectel’s experts will take care of it. The service monitors the operation of master nodes, supports them, and updates them.

Easy to work

Easy cluster management via a dashboard or an API service. Full compatibility of applications running in a standard Kubernetes environment.

Infrastructure support

We take care of the cluster maintenance routine: installation, updates, cluster upscaling, status audit, and more.

Resource Prices

Price per hour
Price per month
Managed Kubernetes Cluster. Regional with 3 master nodes
Price per hour
₽ 8.209
Price per month
₽ 5,993.55
Managed Kubernetes Cluster. Zonal with 1 master node
Price per hour
₽ 2.053
Price per month
₽ 1,498.74

All prices include 20% VAT

Resources of virtual machines used as cluster nodes, as well as disks, load balancers, and network resources, are priced in accordance with the rates for Selectel Cloud Platform resources.

Create a Kubernetes cluster in 2 minutes

All you need to do is configure the settings in the control panel. The service will create the cluster itself and will ensure that it works. Read more about creating a cluster in our knowledge base.

Create cluster

High availability and automation with Managed Kubernetes


Cluster configuration

You can flexibly manage nodes in a cluster: add, remove, or reinstall nodes if any issues arise.


Zone-level cluster redundancy

Ensure the fault tolerance of your applications by hosting your nodes in different zones.


Updated certificates

Cluster system certificates are rotated automatically every 30 days.


High availability

Three master nodes in different zones are launched per cluster. If one zone goes offline, the cluster still remains available.


Quick start

We guide you through the process of connecting the service and setting up full access to API and cluster management features.


Integration with other Selectel services

Integrate the service with the Cloud Platform services: Cloud Database, Load Balancer etc.

What's next?

Registration in the control panel

Зарегистрируйте аккаунт в панели управления Selectel, пополните баланс удобным способом и создайте ваш кластер Kubernetes за несколько минут.

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Consultation before ordering

You can always get a free consultation by calling us on  8 800 555 06 75, sending a message to  Telegram or an e-mail to — tell us about your project and we will offer you the best solution for your budget and requirements.