Selectel Cloud Platform

Fast start-up, the launch of services in minutes and their easy management, instant scaling, and reliable data storage — all this is available on the Selectel Cloud Platform.
  • Rapid Kick-Off
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • 24/7 support
  • Detailed documentation

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Convenient cloud platform

Intuitive interface

You can easily create virtual servers in a few clicks in the Selectel Control Panel. You can also build hybrid solutions including physical and virtual servers.

All Selectel Products in One Window

  • Run virtual machines and dedicated servers, and combine them into a unified infrastructure to address complex tasks.
  • Manage the created infrastructure in one place from anywhere in the world.
  • Simplify your document management with Selectel.


Multiple tools for managing cloud services:

  • SDK to manage the infrastructure with application code (Golang, Python).
  • Rest API and CLI to manage services via HTTP and command line.
  • Integration with Terraform and Ansible to manage configurations and work with infrastructure as code (IaC).

Knowledge Base


Pay only for the capacity that you use. You can easily estimate costs and forecast the future budget.

Not sure how to migrate your services to Selectel?

We can help by evaluating your project, defining the requirements, and performing the migration for free.

Regions and Availability Zones

Selectel Regions and Availability Zones

Why the Selectel Cloud

Quick start

No tutorials or training required to take full advantage of the Selectel Cloud Platform. Simply register in the control panel and get started.

Sites in 3 cities

Choose the data center in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk that’s convenient for you and minimize network latency. Multiple regions and zones are available in each city, letting you create fault-tolerant infrastructures.

Selectel cloud conforms to Law No. 152-FZ

You will be able to collect, store and process user data under 152-FZ in the Selectel Cloud Platform. Our solutions comply with the requirements of 152-FZ for the processing of personal data of 4 and 3 security levels.

No excess spending

Save on hardware and software licenses. Reduce capital expenses by fully hosting your company infrastructure in the cloud.

24-hour tech support

We want you to accomplish your goals with us, which is why we’re always willing to help. Technical support works around the clock and is ready to answer your questions and help configure your projects.

Detailed documentation

If you prefer figuring things out on your own, our knowledge base is available English.

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