Free DNS hosting

Keep your website or complex web application available with Selectel. You can deploy unlimited domains and records on our DNS servers for free.

Why DNS?

DNS helps users get to a website; it also helps companies keep their websites searchable in search engines and being reachable in general.
When a user wants to get to a website, they type in its name. In order to get to the Selectel website, they need to type ’’ in the address bar — this is the website’s domain name. However, the servers storing data about this website do not understand human-readable format. To process the request and take the user to the website, the server needs an IP address, consisting of four numbers.

It is the DNS that converts website queries into server-readable IP addresses. It is a system that stores all domains and information about them. DNS allows people to find websites, and website owners to meet their visitors and customers.

How the domain name system (DNS) helps the user to get to the website

How Selectel's DNS hosting helps you

Free hosting of domains and records

To store domains for free, you can host records on Selectel servers regardless of whether you use our infrastructure for other tasks. Learn more about hosting on DNS servers in our blog.

Keeping customers happy with fast website performance

We have points of presence on DNS servers in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kyiv, New York, Palo Alto, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Store as many DNS records as you need for free

Store as many websites and records on DNS servers around the world as you need. Add your domains in just a few minutes.

What you need for DNS hosting at Selectel

Check your domain

If you don’t have a domain, check if the domain name you want to host on Selectel is available. You can do this for free using the Whois service.

Register it

Domain registration is the first step to launching an Internet project. This is a paid step that takes place not at Selectel, but at the registrar. We can’t influence the cost of your domain name, but we can help you save money on hosting — it’s free with Selectel.

Add to Selectel

To have your domains and DNS records stored with us, you should sign up with and add domains through your control panel. More information on adding and removing domains can be found at our knowledge base.

Already have your own domains?

You can easily move to our DNS servers, no matter how many domain records you have.

Why Selectel

Free DNS hosting

You don’t have to pay to host your domains, no matter how many of them and other DNS records you have.

Single-panel management

You won’t have to deal with records and domains in different places since everything is now managed through

Fault-tolerant servers

We use the Anycast technology. It strengthens fault tolerance and the security of DNS systems.

Reliable infrastructure

We help businesses build the kind of IT infrastructure that lets them grow fast and handle any project.

What's next?

Registration in the control panel

Зарегистрируйтесь в панели управления Selectel, чтобы подключить услугу DNS-хостинга сайта и управлять доменами и записями из единой панели.

Go to panel

Consultation before ordering

You can always get a free consultation by calling us at  8 800 555 06 75, or sending an email to — tell us about your project and we will find a solution that suits your budget and needs.