Anti DDoS

Complex for filtering incoming traffic at the level of network protocols L2, L3 and L7.
  • 3 типа защиты
  • Оплата только очищенного трафика
  • Подробные отчеты об атаках

How Mitigation Works

All incoming and outgoing traffic is forwarded to a DDoS mitigation system, where it is cleaned by special equipment. All illegitimate traffic is dumped, and only clean traffic is received by the server. Having information about outgoing traffic, the mitigation system uses additional algorithms, which increases the accuracy of filtering in TCP ACK/FIN/RST attacks to 99.9%.

Service Levels

Basic DDoS Protection

Basic Mitigation filters DDoS attacks on the L2 and L3 network protocol levels. This prevents your server’s bandwidth from being flooded. For more detailed information about cleaning traffic, please visit our knowledge base.

DDoS-GUARD website protection and acceleration

Building on our Basic DDoS Protection service, Basic Web Application Protection includes attack filtering on the L4-L7 application protocol levels. All connections to your applications are sent through a filtering system, which analyzes and cleans traffic on the application protocol level: HTTP, DNS, SIP, game protocols, etc.

Qrator Protection

Qrator Labs, the cybersecurity market leader, offers complete protection on Selectel’s infrastructure. The Qrator network automatically filters all traffic, including encrypted HTTPS traffic with or without an encryption key. For more details, please visit our knowledge base.



A straightforward billing scheme where you pay only for cleaned incoming traffic.


Detailed reports show the magnitude and duration of attacks.


Filtering parameters are set according to your project’s specifications.


Price per month
Basic DDoS mitigation: 10 Mbps
Price per month
₽ 2,550
Basic DDoS mitigation: 100 Mbps
Price per month
₽ 17,850
Basic DDoS mitigation: 20 Mbps
Price per month
₽ 4,590
Basic DDoS mitigation: 50 Mbps
Price per month
₽ 9,690
Basic mitigation: additional IP address
Price per month
₽ 153

All prices include 20% VAT

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