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Managed Services

Your Infrastructure in Reliable Hands

We perform system audits, migrate applications and services to our infrastructure, set up software, and troubleshoot errors. Focus on developing your business while saving on administration and maintenance.

How It Works

Phase 1
Project specifications

We will discuss the problem and suggest a preliminary solution. To perform a technical audit, we will request access to your current systems.

Phase 2
From ₽ 6,000

We analyze your current IT infrastructure, report on the expenses and workloads of your applications and integrations, and identify any problematic areas. We will build a solution that best satisfies your business needs.

Phase 3
Price included in audit

We take every detail into account to spare you from needlessly rewriting any documentation. We establish the requirements for performance, scaling, and fault-tolerance, as well as give recommendations for configuring operating systems, applications, DBMS, and servers.

Phase 4
Per additional agreement

After generating the necessary documents and calculating the setup fee (including labor costs), we will begin to migrate and manage your project.

Phase 5
From ₽ 9,900 per project

Services require the creation of a Selectel infrastructure. We transfer data from other providers’ servers to our resources. Active machines are seamlessly migrated without interrupting your business processes. Implementation depends on the amount of data to be transferred.

Phase 6
From ₽ 7,500 per OS

We will fully maintain your IT infrastructure: configure services, track resource availability, and monitor backup settings. We will scan your system for vulnerabilities and conduct regular security updates. In the event of a sudden malfunction, we will work to restore the full functionality of your system.

One-Time and Emergency Aministration

₽ 6,000/hour

If you have an issue that needs to be resolved here and now, we can help. We can launch and configure SSL certificates, configure and check backups, synchronize RAID disks, and more.

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With Selectel, you’ll have more time and resources to develop your business

Guaranteed business continuity

We set up scanners and continuously monitor services for vulnerabilities.

Highly qualified

LPIC and CCNA certified administrators can migrate complex projects and manage any hardware architecture.

Up-to-date information

You will be kept aware of everything that happens to your infrastructure. Get monthly reports on all work performed.

Always available

Our admins work around-the-clock to ensure you get the help you need when you need it.

No risk of data loss

We use software to automate, monitor, and create backups, as well as for gathering and analyzing logs.

Customer satisfaction

We provide a 7-day test period so you can check that everything is configured properly and works correctly.


Administrators do not have direct access to your servers or password; access is instead gained using authentication servers.

We Reinforce Your Infrastructure

DDoS protection

Lower the risk of information systems and sites going offline.

CDN connection

Users enjoy high-speed service downloads over Akamai’s content delivery network.


Receive up-to-the-minute information on the status of servers, ports, databases, and online services.

Cloud-based backups

Backup data according to the 3-2-1 strategy.

1C-Bitrix Technical Support and Site Maintenance

Selectel is a certified 1C-Bitrix partner: 1C-Bitrix project administration, compatible hosting, and guaranteed high system performance.

  • Website speed optimization
  • Technical audit of 1C-Bitrix environment
  • Site availability monitoring and disaster recovery
  • Backup scheduling
  • Website virus scanner
  • Email account and mail server software setup
  • Timely updates and the latest releases
  • Detailed project documentation on the fly
Хостинг партнер 1С-БитриксКомпетенция: системное администрирование
Хостинг партнер 1с Битрикс
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We like their individual approach; the Selectel team quickly and professionally manages huge amounts of information and work. We also appreciate how in certain instances, they immediately caught things that could have caused real problems.

Kostyukov Denis, Head of IT, Suprotec

To raise an ICO for the Smart Trip Platform, we needed a powerful dedicated server in a data center infrastructure. Selectel provided the equipment and installed a Bitrix virtual machine, Etherium node, Geth client, and Node.js. Everything was done very professionally, and in only six months, our ICO amounted to 2.78 mln dollars.

Svetlana Rusova, CEO, SmartContracts.Engineer


How do I start using Managed Services?

Submit a request on the service page. We will contact you to discuss the service and set a time to perform an audit. Managed Services may also be added as an additional service when ordering a Dedicated Server from the control panel.

What do Managed Services include?

The services covers a variety of tasks and assignments that can be performed based on your project’s needs:

  • Audit and statement of work — inspect existing IT infrastructure; identify problem areas; establish performance, scaling, and fault-tolerance requirements; select an appropriate solution
  • Migration — transfer data to the Selectel infrastructure from another provider; set up applications, backups and monitoring
  • Full-time administration — monitor infrastructure, troubleshoot service errors, perform access and security controls, update software

Emergency and one-time administration tasks can also be performed.

When is technical support available? When do you perform planned work?

Our administrators work 24/7/365. All planned work is performed on business days from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM MSK (UTC+3).

If I request full-time administration for a server, will root access be limited?

Yes, we assume full responsibility for the server, OS, and server software. Our administrators will fulfill all requests to change and install software.

Do you set up fault-tolerant clusters? Do you support those kinds of solutions?

Yes, we can create and support small and complex distributed systems running Linux and Windows.

Can you set up 1C on Windows?

We provide full administration for Windows systems, from OS installation to continued infrastructure support for Active Directory, Exchange, 1C and MS SQL. Depending on the client’s requirements, 1C support can include: DB and platform performance optimization, configuration updates, and cooperation with 1C programmers to find and troubleshoot errors.

How can I be sure my server is secure?

We perform the following for all servers under administration:

  • Connect server to monitoring system
  • Set up and configure firewall
  • Close all unused ports
  • Run regular vulnerability checks

How can I be sure everything is done correctly?

Once we finish a job, you are given a testing period to ensure everything works properly. Every month, we send a report on all work performed.

How do I pay for Managed Services?

Payment is made using funds from your Selectel balance. You may top up your balance using any accepted payment method.

How are service costs for Managed Services calculated?

We perform a free audit; determine the system’s components, configuration, and workload; and compare this information with the client’s technical requirements. This audit servers as the basis for our offers.