Expanding Your Business to Russia?

Selectel is the right local IT infrastructure partner for you

Why Russia?

Russia is the largest country in the world by territory and a top-6 economy globally. With a population of over 140 million people, the country boasts 110 million Internet users. This is a highly economically active audience — over 70% of the population aged 18 and up uses the Internet daily.

The wider Russian-speaking population and Internet audience as a whole (including former USSR countries) presents an even more massive opportunity. Only the English language has a larger share of the top 10 million websites globally.

Why Selectel?

International companies seeking to expand their business in Russia require a local IT infrastructure partner to support their growth and help them navigate the complex local infrastructure landscape. In the course of its 10-year history, Selectel has helped over 15,000 international and local B2B clients realize their business objectives in Russia. We are consistently ranked as a top IT company in the country:

  • #1dedicated servers provider in Russia
  • #2private cloud provider in Russia
  • #4commercial colocation player in Russia
  • #5IaaS provider in Russia

We offer our clients a wide range of hosting and colocation services through a single window. Our product offering includes colocation in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and hosting services fully compliant with Russian legislation: dedicated servers and a variety of VMware and Openstack-based cloud products developed by Selectel. In addition, we help our clients set up and manage IT infrastructures that utilize the products of global XaaS leaders, including VMware, AliCloud, Google and Microsoft.

Key Facts

  • 10 years in the market
  • 6 company-owned data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • 15,000+ B2B clients
  • 270+ employees
  • 100+ engineers
  • 12 MW power capacity
  • 7,500 sqm server room area
  • 1,500 server racks installed, with ability to scale by 2x within existing facilities
  • 245 km of company-owned fiber-optics

Licenses and Certifications

Intel Platinum Reseller

Intel Platinum Reseller. The first in Russia to receive samples of new equipment.

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

Google Сloud Partner

Google Сloud Partner

VMware Cloud Verified Partner

VMware Cloud Verified Partner. Trusted partners accelerate the digital transformation of customers.

Veeam CSP Silver Partner

Veeam CSP Silver Partner

Alibaba Cloud Partner

Alibaba Cloud Partner

PCI DSS Compliant

PCI DSS v3.0. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015. Quality management system standards, updated from 2015.

FSTEC of Russia

FSTEC of Russia. Certification for developing confidential data handling and processing means and safeguarding confidential data.

FSB of Russia

FSB of Russia. License for developing, producing and distributing encryption methods and encrypted IT and telecommunication systems.


Communication Service License No. 118268. Authorization to operate carrier-grade backbones.

ICT Service License No. 125965. Authorization to provide telematic communication services to customers in St.Petersburg.

Telecommunications License for the Provision of Communication Channels No. 125964. Authorization to lease communication channels to customers.

ICT Service License No. 125963. Authorization to provide telematic communication services to customers in Moscow.

A Unique Combination of IT Services

Data Сenter Services

Hosting in Tier III compliant data centers

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Fully scalable:

  • Units
  • Racks
  • Cages / suites
  • Server rooms
  • Data center


  • Compliant with Russian regulations
  • Network-neutral
  • 24/7 monitoring, remote hands, managed services
  • Access management and monitoring systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Uninterrupted power and air conditioning

Dedicated Servers

Fixed and custom bare-metal configurations

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  • The widest selection of fixed configurations in the market
  • Tens of configurations and over a thousand SKUs always in stock
  • Servers deployed within an hour
  • The largest provider of custom dedicated servers
  • We are the only company in Russia offering customized dedicated servers at scale
  • Custom configurations deployed within 2 days
  • Chipcore: low-cost dedicated servers for SMEs

Cloud Storage

Secure and reliable data storage

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  • An ideal solution for online applications, backup storage, and content distribution
  • Data is replicated on 3 separate servers in Tier III data centers and backed by a 99.98% uptime SLA
  • Easy integration and ready-to-use CDN

Content Delivery Network

Content distribution over Akamai’s global network

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  • 240,000 edge servers worldwide
  • Data is transferred from the nearest edge server, ensuring users retrieve content at optimal speeds
  • Optimal network routes means 16x faster downloads

Remote Hands

Equipment maintenance and management by certified specialists

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  • KVM over IP (remote access), operating system installation and setup
  • Reporting on data center conditions, technical consultation
  • Equipment mounting and removal, locker rental, cleaning of optic ports and fiber-optic connections
  • Technical support for outside clients (tech support outsourcing)

Virtual Private Cloud

User-managed private cloud

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  • Highly scalable platform built on cutting-edge hardware serving as a virtual data center, where resources can be distributed among various projects
  • Complete control over your own custom cloud infrastructure

VMware Cloud

VMware 6.5-based platform with vSAN

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  • Authorized VMware Partner
  • VMware certified platform
  • Built on high-end Intel servers with NVMe SSD
  • Disaster recovery and fault tolerance
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Financially-backed SLA
  • 99.98% uptime guarantee

Integration Services

Professional consultation and implementation of custom infrastructures

  • Includes analysis, consultation, solution development, and implementation
  • Full project migration regardless of complexity

Managed Services

Administration, migration and monitoring

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  • LPIC and CCNA certified administrators
  • Project migration
  • Data backups
  • Resource monitoring
  • Security audits and vulnerability tracking
  • Log collection and analysis

Business Continuity Services

Business continuity, system integration and infrastructure managed services

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  • DDoS mitigation and other security-as-a-service solutions
  • Server and client service setup
  • DNS hosting, monitoring
  • One-click DBMS and OS installation

VPS and Other Cloud Solutions

Cloud products closely integrated with other Selectel services

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  • Сloud products tailored to a client’s needs
  • Vscale VPS developed by Selectel
  • Pay-as-you-go billing


Cloud solutions by global public cloud leaders

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Russian cloud partners

Compliance with Russian Legislation

Selectel helps its clients comply with Russian federal personal data protection laws 149-FZ, 152-FZ and 242-FZ. The aforementioned pieces of legislation state that, among other things, all companies are required by law to store and process the personal data of Russian citizens on servers hosted in Russia.

Several global leaders ignored this legislation at their own peril. While such exceptional cases are neither frequent nor unique to Russia, where the Internet is still predominantly free and under regulated, they highlight the importance of understanding the local environment.

Case Studies on Importance of Compliance with Russian Data Protection Laws

The professional-oriented social network has been officially blocked in Russia since November 17, 2016 for failure to meet data storage requirements.

In April of 2017, Russia blocked millions of AWS IP addresses to effect a shutdown of Zello in the country for failure to comply with a law that governs information distribution brokers.

After allegedly refusing to submit user data to the proper authorities, most BlackBerry services and functions were blocked in April 2017 by the Russian authorities.

Global Leaders Trust Selectel as Their Partner in Russia

Efun is the largest Chinese game developer. The company required a service that fully complied with Russian laws on storing Russian the personal data of Russian citizens, while simultaneously lowering infrastructure operating expenses.

The social network vk.com required a hosting solution that included vast server colocation and cloud storage. In addition to storing the personal data of Russian users, Selectel provided priority connections to telecom operators, regular maintenance and support.

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