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Wallarm is a cloud-based solution for protecting web applications from hacker attacks. The service is jointly provided by Selectel and ONsec.

The Perfect Solution

For payment systems, credit institutions, insurance companies, and microfinance organizations looking for maximum data protection and compliance with certification requirements.

For small and medium businesses who depend on their reputation and the reliability of their operations: popular online stores and video streaming services.

For online services who need to quickly and frequently update their resources.

    What’s Included

  • Attack monitoring and blocking for resources.
  • Attack detection and blocking for resource vulnerabilities.
  • Network perimeter scanning for web applications. Subdomain, IP, and open port testing.

Service Components

    Filtering node

  • Blocks malicious requests and permits only legitimate traffic.
  • Collects metrics on an application’s network traffic and uploads them to the cloud.
  • Generates a profile of the online application for creating a blocking policy.


  • Processes traffic metrics from the filtering node.
  • Generates unique security rules for resources.
  • Launches network perimeter scanning and vulnerability detection.

How It Works


Low latency

Non-signature analysis and automatic filter configuration make it perfect for high-performance applications.

Heuristic approach

Identifies previously unknown attack types. The Virtual Patching function (temporary blocking of vulnerabilities until their resolution) lets you avoid the consequences of serious attacks even in monitoring mode.

Notifications and reports

Administrators receive notifications about security incidents and periodic reports on attack statistics via email.

Personal account

Displays information about attacks, vulnerabilities, network perimeter, scanning status, and additional service settings.

Service Timeline

1 Request submission and connection:

1-2 days

2 Traffic scanning and monitoring — self-learning phase:

7-10 days

3 Mode choice - attack blocking or monitoring:

30-day free trial

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