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Selectel VDI

Software Virtualization and Management Platform for Windows

Take part in testing of Selectel VDI, a platform based on licensed Microsoft software with support for remote desktops. This technology will enable you to administer user spaces simply, automatically import databases, quickly scale up and add any needed applications, including those developed in-house.

Create a convenient working environment

Workspace in a Few Clicks

The virtualization and management platform does not require training or costly consulting. Create a workstation in just a few seconds.

Easy Access for Everyone

Your employees can access their workspace anywhere in the world. A great option for business trips and freelance jobs.

From Any Device

Support for all devices regardless of hardware architecture and OS (Windows, Linux, Android, etc.); all you need is Internet access.

Your Virtual Team

Unlimited user support* and a unified workspace for everyone.

100% Software Compatibility

Regularly updated software that is fully compatible with Office 365, Office Professional and Adobe Acrobat. Support for drivers for connecting a physical or virtual printer.

Corporate Data Protection

You don’t need to worry about security, as the platform uses a 128-bit SSL-encrypted channel to protect your information.

*During the trial, the number of users that can be added is limited. Please ask our specialists for more details.

Types of Services

Introduction to the Platform Interface

User access to the platform without administrator rights or deployment of infrastructure. If you like Selectel VDI, you can continue to explore it and get administrator rights.

Administrator Access

Deploy the infrastructure, add multiple users and evaluate the platform’s usability.

The platform is provided in partnership with SOFTKLIX™.

Participate in testing

Do you want to try Selectel VDI? Fill out the request form and get trial access.

You can also contact us by phone at +7 (800) 555 06 75 or e‑mail at sales@selectel.ru for a free consultation.

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