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Working at Selectel

Selectel employs 300 individuals. We are a young team with big plans for development. As our company continues to grow, we are looking for like-minded individuals to help us move our plans forward. We guarantee professional development and an unbeatable working environment. Join us!

Selectel is a reliable IT infrastructure provider with 10 years of experience. Since its launch, Selectel has earned the trust of over 15 thousand clients, from small business owners to international corporations.

Selectel offers a wide range of privately developed infrastructure products and services as well as partnered solutions with the world’s leading IT developers. Our network comprises six modern data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Why Selectel

A chance to make the world a better place. Give presentations at conferences or publish your open-source developments

By the book. Official pay and working status, compliance with the labor code of Russia

Major projects. Create a distributed Anycast DNS network

Relaxed atmosphere. Mutual trust, first-name basis, and lax dress code

Modern technology and tools. AngularJS, Golang, Puppet, Chef, KVM, Openstack

Employee care. Health insurance, in-office doctor visits, non-smoking bonus, 1-week sick pay, presents when you have a baby

The latest equipment. Modern platforms, processors, switches and routers

Professional development. The company is growing and employees develop with it: continuing education, training, conferences, English lessons and speaking clubs

Creative freedom. Help find new and innovative solutions and automate routine processes

Simple pleasures. Free lunch, snacks, fruit, gym membership, yoga in the office, corporate library, and sports competitions

Careers at Selectel


Lead Engineer, Infrastructure Department

It’s a pleasure to see how dynamic Selectel has been developing. Here, as part of a team of experts, you can’t just rest on your laurels. Like many others, I started as a systems engineer: there were a lot of servers, Linux, cross-connects…Then I became a fiber-optics engineer; I handled the development and operations of our fiber-optic network. Now in the infrastructure department, I participate in the global task of building our data centers’ infrastructure and it’s fantastic!


Dedicated Servers Project Manager

I joined Selectel in 2011 as a systems engineer. Here, I gained a lot of practical skills and knowledge in almost every field that pertains in one way or another to data centers. Then, as head systems engineer, I earned invaluable experience managing staff and developing organizational processes. Now I’m a project manager and I’m responsible for developing and maintaining the continuity of our dedicated server and colocation services.


Head of Operations

I’m Georgii. I’ve been with the company since 2007, from the day it was founded. I’ve come a long way from in-house electrician to Head of Operations. Now my team and I are responsible for the operations of our data centers. The company pays special attention to developing its staff. It helps them grow and supports them every step of the way by providing the opportunity to choose a development path and put it into play. Every year our team gets bigger and stronger, and we value and respect our co-workers' achievements. Here, the team’s friendly and work’s interesting!


Director of Business Development

Hello everyone! I’m Max. At Selectel, I rose from manager of marketing to director of business development. Now I manage the departments responsible for working with potential, major, and high-profile clients, as well as organizing our participation in Russian and international events. I love what I do. I inspire people to work with Selectel. Every day is different from the last.

Corporate Values


High-quality service and tailor-made solutions are our key competitive advantages.


The complexity of our business requires members from multiple teams be involved in every project. This is why teamwork is at the foundation of our efficiency and positive working environment.


We strive to give our employees endless opportunities to develop and learn.

Initiative and responsibility

We’re not shy about bringing fresh ideas and original solutions to the table, and we’re not afraid of taking responsibility for their implementation.


We’re proud of our employees’ achievements and are sure to give credit where credit is due.

Our Projects

Easy to set up. Easy to manage.

Create virtual servers in the cloud and manage them from an easy-to-use GUI. The service uses a simple API which lets you automate management and scaling.


Unbeatable prices for high-quality hosting

Affordable high-speed dedicated servers running on Intel processors in modern Tier III data centers.


Selectel Is People



Manager, Department of Automation of Engineering Systems

Cycle enthusiast and race winner



Head of Internal Service Support

Conquers the elements in his time off



Head of Sales Technical Support

“No time for grief, when there’s a board on your feet”

Greg FeehanGreg Feehan

Greg Feehan


Plays the trombone, swallows swords, juggles



Chief Marketing Director

Lives and works to the rhythm of dance



Head Accountant

Artist extraordinaire