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Affiliate Program

Start earning with Selectel today!

Earn extra income by spreading the word about our services.

3 Simple Steps


Register in our control panel at my.selectel.ru.

Get code

Your affiliate code is available on our Partners page.

Spread the word

Post links with your affiliate code wherever you want.

How much can I earn?

If a client registers from an affiliate’s link or with an affiliate’s code*, they are considered the affiliate’s referral. For the first six months the referral uses our services, 10% of the amount paid is transferred to the affiliate**. This money is added to their bonus balance*** and can be used to pay for Selectel services or be transferred to their bank account (for legal entities, individuals, and business and personal accounts). The minimum transfer amount is 10,000 rubles.

* Referrals may only enter affiliate codes during registration. After registration, codes cannot be changed or added. The minimum transfer amount is 10,000 rubles.

** Affiliates are only paid when referrals have paid for services.

*** Affiliates are not compensated for services paid for with bonuses, and bonus are not included when calculating the total paid for the month.