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About Company

Our mission is to provide the best IT infrastructure solutions for companies doing business in Russia.


Pavel Alimov

Chief Executive Officer

Pavel joined Selectel in 2016 as VP of Strategy and later assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer and Board Member.

From 2011 to 2016, Pavel managed Frontier Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in early stage technology companies globally. Prior to this, Pavel spent 5 years working in the private equity divisions of Alfa Group, Klever Asset Management and ICT Group.

Prior to 2008, Pavel worked in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs in Moscow and London, where he advised major Russian and international clients on M&A and equity financings with a total value of over US$4bn.

In 2005 Pavel graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Sergei Pimkov


In seven years, Sergei has gone from Systems Engineer to Chief Development Officer. He is now in charge of all aspects of the implementation, security, and continuity of Selectel’s services.

Sergei began working on Selectel’s cloud services as soon as the strategic decision was made to bolster the company’s cloud competencies. He oversaw the complete development of the VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). He began the project in 2013 with a small team, and in May 2015, the service was made publicly available. Following the launch of the VPC, which has become one of Selectel’s signature products, and other cloud services (Cloud Storage, monitoring and DNS services), Selectel created its cloud platform, and Sergei was assigned the Head of Cloud Services. Half a year later, the development team split from the product department, and Sergei has since headed the entire department of Selectel Product Development and Operations.

Before joining Selectel, Sergei had worked in the field of engineering software and security systems as an engineer for various Russian companies.

Sergei graduated from Bryansk State Technical University in 2007.

Pyotr Sheglov

Product Director

Since 2017, Pyotr has overseen the Department of Product Development at Select, ensuring the successful launch of new services and implementing the company’s development strategy.

Pyotr’s experience in IT product management and sales development spans over 15 years. Prior to joining Selectel, he worked from 2015-2017 at the Russian startup New Cloud Technology, where he helped develop the cloud-based MyOffice product suite for private businesses and the education sector. Before this, he had been responsible for the promotion and sales of Intel IT solutions to the government sector, educational institutions and businesses in Russia, the CIS, and Eastern Europe for eight years. From 2003 to 2006, serving as product manager for the St. Petersburg-based company Bercut, Pyotr took part in the launch of the first mobile networks in Russia.

Pyotr graduated from St. Petersburg State University’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes.

Maksim Popov

Director of Business Development

Maksim joined Selectel in 2014. After half a year serving as Marketing Manager, he became Director of Business Development. He manages the Data Center Services Development Department, Event Coordination Department, and Pre-Sale Department. Maksim is responsible for major clients and potential customers.

Maksim has over 13 years of experience in sales and marketing. Before Selectel, Maksim had helped develop a private IT startup as Marketing Director and Commercial Director. From 2009 to 2013, he went from Interpreter Trade Marketing Specialist to Federal Level Brand Manager at one of the largest translation firms in Russia. In 2008, he worked at a marketing B2B agency.

Maksim graduated from Herzen State Pedagogical University in 2009 with a major in Advertising.

Nadezhda Kurlat

Director of Personnel

Nadezhda is responsible for developing the Selectel corporate culture and HR brand. She oversees hiring and employee adaptation, as well as manages personnel motivation and development. Starting in 2014, she began her career path from HR manager to Director of Personnel, creating the entire HR Department and business processes from the ground up.

Before joining Selectel, Nadezhda oversaw staff development and management in one of the largest 1C implementation companies in St. Petersburg. She has over 10 years of HR experience in the field of IT.

Nadezhda graduated with honors from St. Petersburg State Technical University with a concentration in Management.

Nikita Melnikov

Director of Customer Service

As part of his responsibilities, Nikita manages user support services for technical and financial issues. He joined Selectel in 2016 as Department Supervisor for Technical Support and Administration, and as of 2018, he has headed the Customer Service Department.

Nikita has worked in the field of IT support for over 8 years. This includes time at the STC group (SpeechPro), which develops innovative systems for speech recognition and synthesis as well as audio and video analysis.

Nikita graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation with a concentration in Computing Machines, Systems, and Networks in 2010.

Kirill Malevanov


Kirill is responsible for the technical elements of Selectel’s infrastructure. He manages data center network services, operations and monitoring, and develops and implements the company’s new network services. In 2016, Kirill was assigned the role of CTO. Before that, he had spent a year managing the Network Department.

Kirill has served in a managerial role for over 17 years with 13 in the field of telecommunications. Before Selectel, he had managed the Telematics Department at OBIT, where he implemented redundancy and developed the provider’s network. Previously, as CTO for PiN Telecom, he combined the company’s numerous telecom networks, creating a single service pool with shared billing. From 2005-2010, as CTO for the Internet provider NNZ-HOME, he oversaw network architecture and its development as well as service optimization.

Kirill received his Master’s degree from ETU LETI with a concentration in Computer and Automated System Software in 2000.