Reliable state-of-the-art data centers in Russia

Deploy your equipment, rent servers in Selectel data centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, or build a cloud infrastructure on virtual servers. We will do the rest, providing stable connection, uninterrupted power, cooling, 24/7 security, and advanced monitoring systems.

Comfortable accommodation in Selectel's commercial data centers

Independent of city power supply

Redundant power supply. Uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators are installed in every data center, keeping you protected from overloads and blackouts. Even if the whole city goes dark, your services won’t be affected. Every now and then, we run the diesel generator sets and load them to prevent idling. This approach ensures that the sets will be up and running when you really need them.

Article on power monitoring


Selectel is not only about reliable systems but also about true professionals

Every system in the Selectel data centers is being closely monitored at all times. Power and cooling are monitored by engineers. They also maintain your equipment and make sure it is maintained clean. When something fails in the servers, e.g. disks, the administrators will promptly replace them. Each one carries a tablet with special software to notify them of failures. This allows them to respond instantly. Even if everything is in order, the engineers make rounds every 3 hours to stay sure of it.

Network engineers are responsible for connectivity. They monitor network load, bandwidth, and connectivity within the LAN.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the products, the first line technical support agents will come to help. They solve 70% of tickets within 12 hours. If some equipment needs attention, the tickets are forwarded to the maintenance department.

There are 250 people there who keep your services ticking like clockwork every day.

Nice extras that few can offer

Convenient driveway to data centers and an equipped server loading/unloading area. If your technicians come to check on the equipment, they can park inside the compound.

A cab will take you and your equipment to and from the data center if you decide to deploy your server with us. We can also migrate your servers between DCs on request.

Convenient service area for your technicians. In case they forget a tool, we will provide it. There are also coffee points for your colleagues to take a break from work.

We’ll install your equipment in racks ourselves — you don’t need to come here for that. Even if you live abroad, we will do everything for you.

Where can you deploy the infrastructure

We have 6 of our own data centers, we built them ourselves. And there are 1 partner data centers in Novosibirsk.

Select the region where you want to deploy the service. If you want to create a fault-tolerant infrastructure, deploy services in different cities.

Group of data centers on Tsvetochnaya street

Tsvetochnaya street, 21, lit. A

2,700 m²

total area of server rooms

1 162

racks in the project


services are available in this zone

We just know how to do things right — and that’s what we do!

We built all the data centers ourselves

We built our first data center in 2008. Another five have followed since. We know how to make things reliable and secure.

The state-of-the-art in our systems

We closely follow the developing technologies and use them when designing our systems. Our new room in Saint Petersburg will soon have UPS systems, which no one else in Russia has.

More than 20 of our products in one place

For 13 years, we have been designing and developing our products. You can rent a server for any task, deploy a cloud in a few clicks, simplify your work with databases and Kubernetes clusters, or just bring your own server. It will definitely be fine with us.