Business Ethics
and Compliance

Selectel conducts its business with integrity and responsibility and expects a reciprocal commitment to ethical principles and company values from employees, counterparties and shareholders. We are building an efficient anti-corruption compliance program by implementing the best practices of professional ethics and business conduct. This helps us prevent adverse consequences and grow our business. All employees are guided by our policies and regulations when making decisions. In 2023, Selectel joined the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business.

Code of Corporate Ethics and Business Conduct

Our Code of Ethics represents a collection of key principles that help all Selectel employees, regardless of their role, to act within the framework of unified legal and ethical norms, standards, and rules.

The Code of Ethics is based on Selectel’s corporate values:

  • customer — the interests of the company’s customers always come first; customers build their business together with the company and their success is the success of the company;
  • team — individual success is impossible without the success of the team; attention to deadlines, understanding of one’s own and shared responsibility, respect for the work of colleagues, sharing experience represent the features of a true team;
  • quality — if the company’s employees decide to undertake something, they will do it well; it is better to do less, but in a way that makes one proud;
  • initiative and liability — it is important to recognize that this is a joint value, as initiative and liability go hand in hand; the company’s employees do not hesitate to propose the boldest ideas and accept liability for their implementation;
  • recognition — the company celebrates the achievements of employees and gives everyone the opportunity to be appreciated on merit;
  • freedom of thought, honesty and openness — employees of the company are always honest with each other, they voice their opinions and admit mistakes; it is important for employees to report and express discontent when a process goes wrong.
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Anti-Corruption Policy

Selectel has zero tolerance for any form of corruption. The company has developed and implemented an anti-corruption policy so that the employees have a clear reference point. All Selectel employees are guided by this code in their work.

The policy is developed under the current principles and norms of international law, provisions of international treaties, legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as Selectel’s internal regulations.